Coca-Cola Christmas Tour

Agency: follow red
Client: Coca-Cola
Tagged in: Public events

Overview / Objectives

  • Bring the TV commercial to life with an exceptional B2C event series
  • Generate awareness, many direct contacts and increased sales
  • Anchor Coca-Cola as an intrinsic part of life’s magical moments
  • Emotional customer relationship building via the Christmas theme
  • Support the truck tour with a nationwide PR campaign

Strategy / Solution

  • Create a highly networked platform with a truck roadshow as central activation tool
  • Basic concept since 1996 with various uses of trucks, highlight events, Christmas markets etc.
  • Media communication via TV commercials, regional broadcasters etc.
  • Supportive sales promotions, POS material development
  • PR campaign aimed at national and regional media


  • An authentic and credible brand presentation
  • Extensive media coverage in national and regional media all over Germany
  • Truck Tour: over 409,000 visitors in 2012
  • More than one million visitors at the closing event in Berlin 2010
  • In 2013, the Coca-Cola Christmas Trucks toured Germany for 17 consecutive years