Continental PR Consulting

Agency: follow red
Client: Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH
Tagged in: Promotional events, Public Relations, Digital marketing

Overview / Objectives

  • Strategic consulting and conceptual development of PR activities
  • Basic PR: press releases and online PR
  • Maintaining the German Continental Facebook presence; community management
  • Development and communication of special topics such as winter tyres, ultra high performance products, Continental’s involvement with the Land Rover Experience Tour 2013 and soccer sponsorships
  • TV communication: placement of Continental in national TV programs
  • PR events for journalists and consumers: 60th anniversary of Continental winter tyres
  • Editorial tours in Germany and Switzerland to establish media relations

Strategy / Solution

  • Using new media channels over and above the automotive and tyre press: lifestyle magazines, social media, online
  • Establishing social media as a customer relations platform
  • Creating PR events and bringing those live activities to the online community
  • Production and distribution of TV footage
  • Using Continental’s partnership with the DFB (German Football Association) for PR activities such as media coop programs and promotional tours
  • Profiting from Continental’s partnership with Land Rover (Land Rover Experience Tour 2013)


  • Development of a wide range of PR and promotional activities
  • Establishment of a loyal fan base on Facebook
  • Implementation of several TV shoots and placement of Continental footage in national TV news
  • Successful realisation of an international PR event in Switzerland to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Continental winter tyres
  • Implementation of editorial tours to establish and strengthen relations with national lifestyle media in Germany and Switzerlandof a wide range of PR and promotional activities