Stade de France – 10th anniversary

Client: CIO
Tagged in: Public Relations

Overview / Objectives

  • Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Stade de France in Paris
  • Make the anniversary an unforgettable event, shared by as many people as possible all year long
  • Create massive media fallout on various channels to multiply the event effect

Strategy / Solution

  • “The 10″ was developed as central topic and key visual of the event
  • By installing an oversized illuminated “1″ on the forecourt of the stadium an impressive picture of ”The 10″ was created when looked at from above
  • The unique event (amongst others Zinedine Zidane was present) was accompanied by a PR campaign as well as a specific web approach


  • Truely eye-catching event covering several target groups (public, invited guests, media etc.)
  • Massive media coverage: over 40 TV channels, 100 print media fallouts, 130 radio broadcasts, 110 web fallouts
  • Outstanding key visual optimally displayed via different communication channels