2006 Winter Olympic Games – Medals Plaza

Agency: Up!
Client: City of Turin
Tagged in: Public events, Stands, fairs & shows

Overview / Objectives

  • Create the city of Turin centre stage as well as attend to the athletes
  • Create a moment of entertainment and involvement of the audience during the award ceremonies
  • Provide international awareness & visibility of the Turin Winter Olympic Games within the media

Strategy / Solution

  • Use one of the most beautiful squares in the world as location. Develop a highly technical and innovative stage construction. Architectural and engineering solutions were state of the art and an innovation in the history of the Olympic Games
  • Event was rounded by a spectacular scenography “mirroring” in the Baroque architectures: stage structure was composed by an enormous reflecting surface capturing the historical background and expressing a contrast between history and hi-tech
  • The award ceremonies were preceded and followed by concerts of international and local stars